About me


Yes,I have formal art school training,graduated with a bachelor's degree and worked for many years as a published commercial illustrator and art teacher.With all of this experience,why dogs?

Life happens.

Jobs end,relationships end,parents die.

In this long and unpredictable journey,one must find an anchor,a firm place to land,and a way to navigate.And then there is happiness.

Why dogs?

Already an animal lover since childhood,it seemed intuitively the right direction to take.

In the day to day business of taking care of my elderly mother and paying bills,I needed a new kind of job where creativity and joy were the main ingredients.

I started boarding dogs in our home as a registered host with DogVacay.com.

Within the next three years,as my client base increased and repeat customers were a joy to serve,I used our guests as my models.

After trial and error with making masks,drawings,doing some animation and photography,I settled on digital collages with dogs as my subject.

The second breakthrough,after finding DogVacay.com,was my introduction to Instagram.

This is where I am today.

This is where I have found my audience,clients,a fan base and most importantly,more models to incorporate into these digital collages.

The rewards are enormous.

We are a family of kindred spirits growing daily through this online community.

There is happiness in making these Instagram portraits which form the bulk of the work at SusannahKelly.Website.

There is great joy,unsurpassed joy,in making my fellow Instagrammers and other patrons and clients delighted with the results


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